Law Enforcement

This page is for law enforcement ordering only. To place a regular (non L.E.) order, visit this page.

Law enforcement officials can receive special discounts on Aimpoint scopes provided that the items purchased are for official law enforcement use.

To receive a price quote via email, please complete the form below. Once we are able to verify your connection to law enforcement, we will email you a price quote and order form.


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I will not share or redistribute any L.E. price quotes sent to me by AimpointScopes.Com. Furthermore, I confirm that if a purchase is made, that the scope will be used for law enforcement purposes only.

Please provide instructions so that we can easily verify L.E. status also, any directions on the fax cover sheet so that the fax quote will be directed to you


We respect your privacy. We will not use the information you submit to us in any way other than to provide you with a price quote. Privacy Policy

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