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 Aimpoint Carbine Optic - Product Image

Aimpoint Carbine Optic

The Aimpoint® Carbine Optic is designed specifically for use on AR-15 and M4 carbine style rifles, incorporating proven design features and premium Aimpoint quality at an entry level price point. This new sight was developed with the modern sporting rifle owner in mind, and the ACO is ready to mount and shoot directly out of the box. A full selection of branded accessories, are available from Aimpoint dealers, allowing users to customize their sight to fit their specific requirements. The ACO pairs a 30mm aluminum alloy sight tube with an extremely rugged fixed height mount designed to provide absolute co-witness with AR-15 backup iron sights. A two minute of angle (2 MOA) red dot is utilized to allow maximum target acquisition speed and accuracy at all distances. The ACO is completely waterproof, and offers one year of constant-on use from a single 1/3N battery.

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Aimpoint Patrol Rifle Optic - Product Image

Aimpoint Patro Rifle Optic


Technology ACET (Advanced Circuit Efficiency Technology)

Working principle Reflex collimator sight – red dot sight


Light source LED (Light Emitting Diode) totally eye-safe

Red dot size in MOA (2 minute of angle)

Parallax Absence of parallax-No centering required

Eye relief Unlimited

Night vision compatibility Yes

Anti-reflex coating all surfaces &multi-layer coating objective lens-Yes

Magnification No magnification (1X)


Battery One 3V Lithium battery, type 2L76 or DL1/3N

Battery life in hours 30 000 (over 3 years of continuous use)

Dot intensity adjustment Manual rotary switch

Daylight (DL) settings 6 DL of which one extra bright

NVD settings 4 NVD


Material housing High strength aluminum

Surface finish Hard anodized, matte

Color housing Black

Adjustment 1 click 13mm at 100m, (1/2” at 100yds)

Mounting methods

QRP2 mount for M1913 Picatinny rail, and spacer for Co-witness Iron Sights


Temperature range -45 – +71 C, (50- +160 F)

Water resistance – submersible to 45m, (150ft)


Length 130mm, (5.1”)

Width/height sight only 55 x 55mm, (2.2” x 2.2”)

Maximum ring width 30mm, (1.18”)

Objective diameter 38mm, (1.5”)

Tube diameter 30mm, (1.18”)

Weight sight only 220g, (7.8oz)

Weight sight with integrated mount 11.6 oz

Includes Mount and Spacer

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Aimpoint T-1

The tactical member of the Micro family is compatible with all generations of night vision devices. Submersible to 80 feet.

Ideal for rifles, carbines, shotguns, handguns and sub-machineguns.

Integral Picatinny style base allows easy attachment to any rail.

6 night vision compatible settings and 7 daylight settings and one extra bright setting for use with laser protection.

ACET technology allows 50,000 hours of operation on one battery.

Available only in the 4 M.O.A. Dot size.

3.7 OZ’s with mount

2.4″ Long x 1.6″ Width x 2.4″ Height

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Aimpoint H-1

Designed with the hunter in mind, these sights are the lightest red dot sights tough enough to bear the Aimpoint name. Small enough to be used anywhere that you could put iron sights, these sights can be used on any type of firearm or archery equipment. A lightweight rilfe with the Micro H-1 mounted on it remains a lightweight rifle.

ACET technology allows 50,000 hours of operation on one battery.

Available in the 4 MOA (minutes of angle) Dot size

Submersible to 15 feet of water, 1X (non-magnifying) parallaz free optic.

Patent pending mount is keyed to the sight body to absorb recoil.

Precision adjustments for windage and elevation.

13 settings for use in daylight and lowlight conditions.

2.4″ Long x 1.6″ Width x 2.4″ Height

3.7 OZ’S Including the mount

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Aimpoint M-4

The performance of the CompM4 series of sights is optimized for use with all generations of night vision devices (NVDs), but is especially suited for 3rd generation night vision technology. Aimpoint’s unique band-pass coating on the front lens reflects select frequencies of red light at near 100% efficiency in order to give the highest possible dot brightness with the smallest amount of energy while transmitting nearly 100% of light in the Infrared and near-infrared part of the spectrum to provide the clearest, brightest image possible when used with a 3rd generation NVD. With 7 NVD-compatible brightness settings and 9 Daylight settings including one extra-bright setting, the CompM4 and CompM4s are ready for use around the clock.

Compatible with every generation of Night Vision Devices (NVD).

7 night vision compatible settings and 9 daylight settings.

Improved rotary switch will not suffer damage under normal use.

QRP2 mont has twice the clamping force of the original QRP, and the mounting knob is wider and shorter to improve operation, and lessen the chance of becoming snagged on other gear.

Mount base is “keyed” into the body of the sight to absorb recoil. Mount base screws directly into the sight. No seperate sight ring is required.

2 MOA dot for close combat and long distance engagement. Matches perfectly with Aimpoint 3X magnifer.

Front lens is threaded for KillFlash and is Submersable to 150 feet.

Vertical spacer included, along with inproved adjustment caps.

Standardized as the US Army’s new M68 CCO.

Can be used with a carry handle adaptor for use on all M16 rifles.

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3X Magnifyer - Product Image

Aimpoint 3X Magnifyer

Designed especially for the Aimpoint sights. Can be used as a handheld monocular or weapons mount. When used with the Twist Mount ( sold seperatly) this devise can be quickly and easily installed and removed.

No need to re-zero and does not affect the point of impact.

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Aimpoint Micro T-2 - Product Image

Aimpoint Micro T-2


Advanced optical lenses for even better light transmission.Front Flip-up lens cover is included.

Transparent rear Flip-up lens cover is included.

Reinforced protection of the turrets for even greater ruggedness.

Ideal for rifles, carbines, shotguns, submachine guns and handguns.

1X (non-magnifying) parallax free optic.

Compatible will all generations of Night Vision Devices (NVD).

1 Off position, 4 night vision compatible settings and 8 daylight settings of which one extra bright for use with laser protection glasses or in bright desert sunlight.

Integral Picatinny-style mount allows easy attachment to any rail.

ACET technology allows 50,000 hours (over 5 years) of constant operation from one battery.

Available in 2 MOA dot size.

Submersible to 25 meters (80 feet).

Use as a standalone sight or “piggybacked”on larger magnifying, thermal, or night vision optics.

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